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Bakeza Hanem

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20 January 2015
Being healthy is something almost all of us want to be, but who has the will-power? And even if you do have good will-power, what does it take exactly to be healthy? Well if you have a good start, ach...
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05 November 2014
We have an insatiable appreciation for fabric. A highly-designed textile is a bit of art that can bring a great deal depth and mood with a room. Sometimes I feel as though there just arent enough uses...
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31 December 2014
With every meal comes a stack of dirty dishes. There is no need to run the hot water full blast, holding each plate to rinse it under the hot water blast for a minute before placing each plate into th...
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29 December 2014
1. The Earth- What’s in a Name?Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune. Notice how all planets of the Milky Way are named after Gods and Goddesses of Greek and Roman Mythology?The word, Earth has Old Saxon an...
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02 February 2015
Health & Beauty
 We all want to be healthy, happy, free of stress and more productive in life If you want to be happier and more content, then this is the right place to enrich yourself with smiles, caring for y...
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