Be a Speaker

Be a Speaker

Most speakers have a very dynamic style which sets them apart and makes them memorable. If you want to get paid to speak at events, here are some suggestions.

Take classes or workshops in communications or public speaking.


Join a non-profit organization which will help you improve your speaking and leadership skills. Toastmasters International is one you can easily find around the world.

Attend and enter speech competitions and observe how speeches are delivered to the audience.

Determine what type of speaker you wish to become: entertaining, motivational, informational, trainer, presentations, technical, or keynote address are just some of many options.

Learn from other speakers by contacting them, observing their videos online (or purchase) or read other speeches that have become notable and lasting (examples; Winston Churchill WWII, Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, President Kennedy's inaugural address).

Begin speaking to local groups, clubs, or non-profits.

Contact local and regional speakers bureaus to get more information and possible speaking opportunities. Three websites which offer free listings (as well as paid upgrades) to speakers are included in the Sources and Citations section below.

Advertise that you're available for speaking engagements on your website/blog.


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