15 Struggles Every Short Girl Has In Winter

15 Struggles Every Short Girl Has In Winter

1- your sleeves are always going to be rolled up, whether you want them to be or not.



2. You’re too short to clear all the snow off of your car and so you end up driving around with a snow mohawk.


3- All jeans feel like footsie pajamas.

4-Any picture with you and a Christmas tree makes you look tiny and the tree look huge.

5-There is always extra space in the tips of the fingers of your gloves.


6-Going shopping for winter clothes = spending forever trying to reach stuff on racks that you will never get to.

7-You’ve had the same pants since third grade, because getting new ones means you’d have to get them majorly altered.

8- All mistletoe kisses require a great deal of standing on YOUR toes.


9-You will never find a winter jacket that doesn’t turn you into a giant marshmallow.

10-People are always putting you in the front of holiday pictures.

11-If you want your cute tights fix, you’re better off getting them from the kids’ section.

12- Your flannel pajamas are always dragging on the floor, because it’s not like you’re going to hem them.

13- Everyone gets really nervous when you try to decorate anything near the top of the tree.

14- All winter coats are full-length coats … on you.

15-For you, oversized sweaters are basically just mini-dresses waiting to happen.



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