10 Of The Most Creative Watches Ever

10 Of The Most Creative Watches Ever

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One of the most enchanting things about watch design, especially when talking about mechanical watches, is the scale at which everything happens. Not only are these designs absolutely beautiful, they are all also constrained to a tiny disk strapped to your wrist. And yet, despite this limitation, there are round tables surrounded by knights, whirling planets, beautiful birds and poetic fairy-tales. Many of the world’s greatest watchmakers also no longer limit themselves to simply documenting a 24-hour day, either. Weeks, months, and the time in other cities around the world can all be monitored, and even the moon’s phases and the movement of celestial bodies.


On the other hand, digital watches have opened up a new world of opportunities for watchmakers that just weren’t available before. Sleek modern designs, lights, and the lack of moving parts are just a few of the basic hallmarks of the digital watches on this list. The lack of moving parts especially allows digital watchmakers to move in new directions – their faces can display information in totally new ways, and they can be made flexible or even see-through.

1-Watch Accurately Shows The Solar System’s Movements On Your Wrist




 2| Astronomical 2 | Salvador Dalí’s Persistence of Memory-Inspired Melted Wristwatch



3 | Eye Of A Storm: A Watch Without A Face


 4 | ZIIIRO Mercury Watch




5 | Excalibur Watch



 6 | Whatever, I’m Late Anyway Watch


7 | The Ora Unica Watch


8 | This Bird Repeater Watch Is Worth Half A Million Dollars




9 | SOH – A Second Of Happiness Watch



10 | Hand-Painted Poetic Wish Watch




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