Adopt a Family for the Holidays

Adopt a Family for the Holidays

Sharing your time, talents and resources with others when they need it most is some of the most memorable ways to give. Many people want to help but are not really sure where to begin. Here are some quick ways to find out who you can help for the holidays.



1 You can choose a family from the angel tree at the local mall.  A lot of times there is specific requests and sizes for a child and often times their family.  You choose a child or family, purchase the items, wrap them and then return them according to the instructions of the organization sponsoring the event. Just make sure you don't forget to actually purchase something for the family, because once you take the name off of the tree, the child may not get his wish granted if you do not fill it.

2 Another idea you might try is, calling the local school and offering to donate to the chapter of the parent teacher association for children needing help for the holidays.

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