Be an Excellent Employee

Be an Excellent Employee

Are you just a run-of-the-mill "I work by the hour" employee of a company? You'll find out how to turn that around, and be an excellent employee, if you read and follow the steps in this article.

Learn as many parts of the job as possible.

Be on time to the job.



Have your tools or supplies with you to do your job.

  • An excellent employee is always one or two steps ahead of the tasks at hand.

Have foresight and know what to do next. If an employer can have confidence in an employee without having to bark orders all day, they will be able to accomplish something else.

Pay close attention to listening to your superiors.

Act quickly and efficiently on tasks, and take a sense of pride in your work and your position.

Show up to work early and leave late in order to accomplish tasks.

Know how and when to make changes to your approach with co-workers, and/or superiors, in order to do a better job.

Try to make the entire company shine, by doing the best job you can, without becoming arrogant or demanding attention, recognition or more money.

Recognize an excellent employee and if your boss doesn't believe me, someone else will.

Know how to make the most of your time. Read all the company literature manuals handbooks and policies to ensure good company knowledge

Invest in yourself and your companies stocks in order to make the maximum benefits of the companies growth and success which you are an every day part of.

Treat all coworkers with the utmost respect and never involve yourself with break room gossip about anyone.

  • Most commission-driven jobs use money as the incentive, to help customers however an excellent employee wears a badge of honor on their heart and will serve at 100% no matter what the compensation. This shows to the customer, and keeps them returning.

Separate personal problems from your work day

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